Wenderlynn Bagnall - Main Profile

I've been studying Permaculture since 2009.
I completed my Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) in July 2013 and in Nov 2013 I completed a Facilitators Training course. This lead to being part of the core group in co-organising the Thriving Ways network with other facilitators.

My background is in Further Education teaching and supporting disadvantaged and main stream young people.

My direction with permaculture has taken me on a deep intangible journey of connection into how permaulture can be, and is, used to help us during difficult times in our lives. As a result my deep connection to nature has guided me to using the land as a medium to help demonstrate this.

I have apprenticed with Looby Mcnamara, Aranya and Jan Martin. This has given me a wider perspective on Permaculture and a desire to capture those on 'the edge'. In 2015 I took my Permaculture Educators Certificate (PEC), in Denmark, with Andy Goldring and Cat Dolleris.

With my husband and business partner Iain, I run North Devon Permaculture. This is a social enterprise working to deliver education and information on regenerative living for land and people. I am currently studying towards my Diploma In Applied Permaculture Design

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