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Tangleha Artists' Collective specialise in hosting and facilitating courses and events; we also have a large collection of perennial edible plants growing in our surrounding food forest.

About the project

We are situated right by the sea in a small hamlet, Tangleha, in Tangleha House. Here we have a large open studio space, quest accommodation and a small forest garden.

Since 2009 we have been renovating the house to make it more energy efficient and we are also establishing food forests in the adjoining land. We have an edible plant nursery, supplying gardens and unfarmed land in the surrounding local area. This is added to with all profits from the Collective being used to purchase more edible perennial plants.

We host courses and regularly accept volunteers to stay with us and help out with our Permaculture design and implementation. We have also established an outdoor education business, Embark Nature School, which we run from a local woodland that we help to maintain and from a beach on the local St Cyrus National Nature Reserve.

We also organise events from green woodworking and skill shares to permaculture design and eco-building. We participate in the development of different projects around the U.K. and Europe, including music festivals, farms, gardens, nature reserves and buildings.

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July, 2010
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Building retrofit
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The eco renovation of a large draughty house built in the mid 80s. And addition of many more types of plants to the surrounding area.
Permaculture Details: 
We try to use recycled, reclaimed or natural materials wherever possible creating unique and innovative spaces. We catch and store energy by building thermal mass rocket stoves and insulation. We make use of the edge between land and sea by harvesting seaweed and materials washed up by the sea. We try to incorporate bi products from construction into future works, creating no waste. Socially we encourage learning and often train volunteers through our work.
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Caspar Lampkin
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07749 265 330
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We host volunteers for all over the world, please contact us if you are interested to help out.
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