Low Impact Living Initiative (LILI)

Lowimpact.org is a non-profit organisation – a network of great people and organisations providing information, training, products & services to help you live more sustainably. You’ll gain skills, meet new people, save money and have fun too.


What we do


We collaborate with specialists in technical, philosophical and financial topics, and make the results accessible to the general public. We aim to help as many people as possible to live more sustainably and to reduce their reliance on the corporate sector. We:

  • offer information, training, products & services in 200+ topics (see below);
  • blog regularly, on both practical and philosophical subjects;
  • network small businesses offering courses, products & services in our topics (join here);
  • help people move their money to support the sustainable, non-corporate sector;
  • offer free franchises for Lowimpact.org in other countries (like Low-impact Australia).

For each topic we provide (or aim to provide – we’re getting there):

factsheet An introduction to the topic, after which we hope you’ll have a bit more of a feel for what it’s about, and be in a better position to know if it might be for you or not.
print A printable introduction, free to download, print, distribute and use in any way you like.
factsheet More in-depth resources on the topic: articles, images and videos of as many aspects and details of the topic as possible, including techniques, legislation, planning requirements, grants, sources of help, useful data, tips etc.
gallery A gallery of inspirational photographs.
books All books in print on the topic: we sell books via Alibris, a platform for independent booksellers. Many books are second-hand and extremely good value. We’ve also dropped in quite a few freebies.
magazines Magazine subscriptions: we’ve rooted around and found the best magazines available for each topic.
courses A directory of courses, ranging from a couple of hours to weekends or longer, provided by our network partners.
online-courses A directory of online / distance learning courses – our own and our partners’.
discussion Advice from specialists: if you have a query on any of our topics, put it into the comment box at the bottom, and we’ll get specialist network partners to answer it for you.
directory A directory of independent businesses providing products and/or services in the topic, including food, raw materials, manufactured products, crafts, building, installations, consultancy and coaching.
blog Blog articles written by ourselves and our partners – covering practical topics as well as environment, land, society, economics and philosophy. We welcome your comments.
link Our favourite links to other useful online sources of information. We don’t add commercial links and we don’t exchange links.
business Information on starting a business in the topic in question.

We also publish books.