British Kunekune Pig Society

The British Kunekune Pig Society is open to anyone interested in kunekune pigs. It is a non-profit making organisation established in 1993 shortly after the first kunekunes were imported into the UK. The BKKPS is the body that oversees the pedigree birth and pig registers within the UK.

The Kunekune pig, originally kept by Maoris in New Zealand, are friendly hairy pigs born in a variety of colours.

It is the smallest domesticated breed of pig in the world, a firm favourite among pet pig owners, due to its placid friendly nature and love of human company. Small scale pig breeders enjoy its ease of management and ability to thrive on grass.

Aims of the Society

  • To encourage the breeding and owning of Kunekune pigs and promote their welfare.
  • To provide information on the health, care and breeding of Kunekune pigs.
  • To promote communication and co-operation between owners and breeders of Kunekune pigs.
  • To maintain a register of Kunekune pigs and produce a herd book yearly.

The Society's Activities

  • Publishing a quarterly newsletter.
  • Maintaining a pedigree herd book, breeding register and accepting birth notifications.
  • Maintaining a website and discussion forum.
  • Publishing an Annual Year Book.
  • Organising kunekune pig shows.
  • Assisting members with breeding and pig welfare.