Training Manual for Applied Agroforestry Practices - 2013 Edition

Printed in August 2013 to coincide with the inaugural Agroforestry Academy, this newest version of the Agroforestry Training Manual is designed for natural resources professionals and landowners and includes worksheets and exercises for use as an educational tool. The manual features descriptions of establishing and managing the five agroforestry practices, plus success stories of Midwestern landowners utilizing agroforestry on agricultural and forested lands. Additional Chapters include: planning for agroforestry; wildlife habitat and agroforestry; marketing principles and economic considerations. Appendix sections include tree, shrub, grass and forage information for agroforestry plantings and timber sales suggestions. The Additional Resources section at the end of each Chapter has been updated and expanded.

Gold, M. & Cernusca, I. and Cleavelin, C.

The Center for Agroforestry University of Missouri

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