Efficient energy planning: zone, sector and slope

When designing your plan, zones are a key consideration due to being time and energy efficient. The idea of energy planning is to identify what areas require the most attention and to then plan your time accordingly. The zones designed to be furthest away from the main area are the zones that require less attention. This is compared to areas that need to be visited every day.

Sector planning deals with the wild elements that pass through the land, for example; wind, fire, rain, sun light. By planning, you can organise what elements will be placed within the surroundings to protect the land from the wild factors. Slopes refer to the elevations required for the placement of water heater tanks and dams. The use of a slope can enable a functional system through the use of gravity, for example.

"Those components needing very frequent observation, constant visit, work input, or complex management techniques must be placed very close by, or we waste a great deal of time, effort, and energy visiting them." Mollison and Slay.

Image: London Permaculture