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BeyondHere Fellowship Programme - Wellbeing in Community Leadership

The BeyondHere Fellowship Programme is a small grants programme (£2,000) to fund individual fellows to undertake research that connects people and places with new economic models and approaches across the UK. Stir to Action are partnering with Power to Change to drive new approaches to mental health and wellbeing in community leadership. Apply by 1 September 2019. Full details: https://www.stirtoaction.com/beyondhere
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Erw Fach, Capel Cynon, Ffostrasol, Ceredigion

I own 3.74 hectares of land at Capel Cynon, Ceredigion, and have
recently begun preparations to use it for permaculture, including
making it available for grazing at the right times each year. I am not
expert in the relevant matters, and am nearing 80 years old. I
therefore need enlightened help from totally honest people, who would
be granted the full profits from their activity in getting
permaculture going. As I am a pensioner the government is bound by its
own laws to keep me alive, so I do not need to profit from my own land

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Willow art/ coppice crafts

I am looking for someone to help me with my work a couple of days a week.I know I can't legally positively discriminate, but I am happy to help some young person with a practical bent who may be an ASD sufferer (or have some disability), simply because I suffer from ASD and I know that work opportunities can be more limited. But I am open to able bodied neurotypical enquirers also (!). The person would need to live locally to me in the North East.

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Video Editor needed

Video editor needed

The team behind the new course ‘Permaculture for Development Workers’ seeks a volunteer with basic video editing skills to offer a quick bit of support.

We have a few short video clips from last year’s course that require editing so that they can be used for course promotion.

We would also like our existing video and photo content edited into a simple 1-5 minute video about the course.

Could you help? If so, please contact Georgina-Kate Adams at georgina.kate.adams@gmail.com

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Looking for permaculture entrepreneurs

I am looking for 2 other people who would like to help me start an eco farm holiday company based on permaculture principles in Cornwall. I already have a business plan and will soon be approaching Angel investors.
I really need people who are prepared to put in full time effort in return for a share of the company.
The skills base required is
1) marketing - websites, social media, YouTube.
2) market gardening and aquaculture

Experience of rammed earth building would also be useful.

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Successful Market Garden for sale in Moray, Scotland

An opportunity has arisen to buy a small scale market garden at College of Roseisle, Elgin, Moray.

With a shop onsite, various wholesale outlets, being part of the Elgin Food Hub and a supportive local customer base, this is an exciting opportunity for people interested in running their own growing business and contributing to the local food economy.

Roseisle Gardens is an established business that has consistently used organic principles and practices in its growing techniques. It has also increased in popularity with the local community, and has lots of potential.

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Information needed: Permaculture grown produce supply chain (UK)

Hoping to hear from UK growers and producers in regard to where you sell your produce. Do you sell solely at the farm gate, direct to cafes or retailers, online, or connected with distributors? Trying to understand local and regenerative supply chains in the UK. Please email: elizabeth.westaway@gmail.com.

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