Opportunities within the UK

Making a forest garden

This project is crying out for help.. Its on a 2 acre site in south Cornwall, some ground work is already done. Help is needed layering no dig beds with manure and woodchip, creating a workshop with pallets, building a rocket stove hot tub, making a mud maiden, planting trees and medicinal plants, laying pathways, planting bamboo hedge, and more ongoing jobs.

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Opportunity for a family to live on our permaculture smallholding in Norfolk, in self contained annex!

We are looking for another family to join us on our smallholding to grow food, friendship and faith!

In July 2021, we have the opportunity for another family to come and live in the self-contained annex attached to our home, in Loddon, Norfolk.

It’s a single property split into two separate dwellings, each with its own kitchen, dining and living space. There is also a third self-contained studio room which we share. Everyone has access to the gardens and views of the land.

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Community Activist Fund

Are you a woman making local change happen? We want to hear from you!

We seek applications from women in the UK who are campaigning and creating positive change in their communities.

We provide grants to help women increase their impact and take their project or campaign to the next stage. We’re particularly keen to hear from women from underrepresented groups or communities, including working class women, disabled women and women of colour.

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Help with my dissertation on soil health


My name is Gemma and I am currently working on a dissertation focused on soil qualities and farming method.

If you own a plot/farm in the UK. It would be extremely helpful if you could help me in filling out a 5-10 minute survey.

What the survey will do:
This will give me the necessary data to plot all the graphs in my dissertation. GIVING ME MARKS :O

The more data, the more survey answers, this will make my research fair and valid. So if you could spare the time to answer some yes/no questions alongside comments please, click the link below!

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Permaculture Magazines

I have a pile (40cm high) of 'Permaculture Magazines' starting with the first ever published in the Autumn of 1992, all the way up until No 103 of this year (Spring 2020). As far as I can see the only one missing is no 2.
Due to downsizing I am no longer able to keep them..... Is anybody interested?
I feel certain they deserve to be shared rather than recycled! Phone if you can put them to use and provide them a new home. They can be collected from Seaton in Devon. (advertised elsewhere too)

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Get Involved with The Rekalibrator

Having collected feedback from a wide section of the public, it can be said with confidence, that The Rekalibrator produces health benefits for the people who use it (Healthy mind = Healthy person).

It seems only right, therefore, to get The Rekalibrator to more locations, as is suggested by some of the feedback, in this way both people and the planet would benefit.

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Beautiful permaculture demonstration site for sale

For Sale as a going concern –Wishtree, Permaculture Project, Devon

For a decade we have been building up our permaculture LAND learner project, five years of which has been living off-grid. Over this time we have introduced edible trees and shrubs to create the emergence of a forest garden, demonstration and mental wellbeing project.
We have lived, loved and shared spiritual pain with this beautiful place and it is with sadness that we are now selling the land known as Wishtree.

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