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Opportunity to create and run a permaculture vegetable garden in SW France

I have been in contact with the owner of a B & B place near Pau in SW France. She is looking for someone with permaculture knowledge and experience to design and develop a 500m2 area as a vegetable garden, and to run it as a business. As I understand, her idea is that it would be self sustaining, providing veg for the guest house, with enough left over to sell and to support the person running it.

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Art & Permaculture Edges

Hello all,

I am interested in setting up an informal guild at the intersection of arts and permaculture and seeking practitioners at any and all points of their arts/permaculture journeys who might be interested in sharing their work and exploring this powerful space with others.

Please get in touch if you would like to participate.

Brightest wishes,


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Down to Earth film

DOWN to EARTH is an award-winning film taking viewers on a journey to visit the Earth Keepers, the native wisdom teachers around the world who hold the keys to a regenerative future. The Earth Keepers foretold that what is happening in the world today is a sign that we are on the verge of a global transformation, moving into a new era of peace and balance. Now more than ever is the time for solidarity, for people of all colours and backgrounds to come together and make a change.

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Farm Manager Assistant wanted for Permaculture Project on Paradies Island Palawan

We are looking for a motivated person or a couple to help out managing the newly establishing Permaculture Project on Paradies Island Palawan.We looking for self motivated PDC graduates who are looking to bring their Permaculture experience and practice to the next level through working hands on with an experience Team to be part of the pioneer phase of an newly establishing Permaculture site and Agro Tourism Project.

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European Farming Policy Trip

Dear young farmer,

The future of farming in Europe depends on you!

We are organizing the European and pan-European Forum Youth Farmers for the Future!, involving 34 farmers or land managers (half female and half male), under 34 years old from 34 countries. It will take place between the 16th and the 17th of April, in Hosman village, Romania. Trip, food, accommodation and local expenses are covered.

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1 year internship @ 16th century water mill in Germany

Kuckucksmuehle is a small but growing community of 4 to 5 people which we call “permies” hosting up to 5 volunteers at a time in the summer and 3 in the winter. Together we work to combine permaculture and hackerculture (centered around appropriate technology) for sustainable living. This year we would like to open a 1 year spot for a volunteer to help with the income generation part of the project.

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We are looking for new members to join our community andoffer a 4 month residential Community Building Program

We are looking for new members to join our community! We’re offering you a chance to be part of the second 4 month residential Community Building Program (testimonies of the first one at the bottom of the page). If the program goes well for both sides, those who want to, can apply to become a long-term or permanent member of our community.
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Farm Stewardship Opportunity in Spain – Fall- Winter 2019/2020 and beyond

Farm Stewardship Opportunity – Fall- Winter 2019/2020
September 2019 to March/April 2020
Activities include but are not limited too:

Maintenance of Vegetable Gardens and Agroforestry Systems
Looking after Chickens, Ducks and 1 Dog
Preperation of Firewood
Mushroom Logs
Bee Sanctuary
Worm Farm
Different Infrastructure Projects

Living set up:
2 Yurts with wood stove
1 Car Citroen C15
Outdoor Showers
Compost Toilets

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