Fair Share

By governing our own needs, living within limits and consciously co-creating, we can create surplus resources to further the other key permaculture ethics (Care for the Earth and Care for People).

Living within limits is not about limiting people's free movement, tight border controls and a one child policy. It is about conscious efforts to achieve a stable human inhabitation of the Earth, and respecting the genuine needs of other beings. Key social strategies include: access to family planning; helping people to meet their basic needs of clean water, nutrition, shelter, warmth, in addition to essential healthcare and education, including equal rights to education for girls.

The third ethic recognises that:
a) The Earth’s resources are limited, and
b) These resources need to be shared by many beings.

Permaculture seeks to create and distribute life-giving resources fairly amongst people, animals and plants alike, not forgetting future generations who depend upon our conscious stewardship of the natural systems of the earth, which provide food, water and shelter.

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