Graham Bell - Educator Profile


Born In England lived in Scotland for last thirty three years.  Have a Masters degree in English Language and Linguistics from Oxford University.  Qualified as an Electrical Engineer aged thirty.  Have been involved with Permaculture since mid 1980's.  Attended first PDC in UK in 1988 and was in first group to gain the Diploma (and the right to issue diplomas) from Bill Mollison in 1990.  Also gained Permaculture Service Award that year.  Edited Permaculture News (the original Association magazine) for a couple of years.  Trained as an instructor with Agricultural Training Board, now renamed Lantra.  Trained as a trainer of trainers with them.  Was lead instructor for the Countryside Premium Scheme in Scotland.  He is an Accredited Teacher with both the Permaculture Association in Britain (PAB)  and Permaculture Research Institute in Australia.  In 2016 he was awarded Honorary Permaculture Elder status by David Holmgren in Perth WA.  He is also a Senior Tutur for the Diploma system with PAB.  In 2021 received the Permaculture Service Award and Elder Permaculture Service Award from the Permaculture Assoiciation in Britain.
Have taught Permaculture on six continents including full PDCs in Australia, Cyprus, England, France, Guinea, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Senegal, Sweden and shorter courses in these countries and Slovenia, contributed to courses in Bulgaria, France, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Spain, remotely.  Have taught with a wide range of other teachers and welcome such connections from both experienced teachers and apprentices.
A member of the Hazel Guild Graham co-operates with three other Scottish based teachers on curriculum convergence and course coverage.  We also commit to assist others gain teaching expereince and advance to the diploma.  He is an adjudicator for the SCOTLand project and a mentor for the PAB Diploma programme, having many international clients.
Graham's books: The Permaculture Way, and The Permaculture Garden are standard texts for introducing Permaculture in a very readable way and have sold many thousand copies world wide.  New translations always welcome!  His articles are sought after in a wide range of publications.
Graham and his wife Nancy live at Garden Cottage in the Scottish Borders, which according to Permaculture Magazine is the oldest intentional Food Forest Garden in Britain.  Courses and open days at this venue are especially popular as numbers are strictly limited.  Under Civd rules we can still accepts small parties of visitors by arrangement.  Graham welcomes invitations to teach elsewhere.  Their son Sandy is following in the family footsteps and is immediate past chair of the Permaculture Association in Britain.  Their daughter Ruby is involved with a next generation managemnt of the Green Shop in Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Qualifications and skills

MA (Oxon) FRSA FCIM Dip PermInst
Many short courses including: Risk Assessment, Health & Safety, First Aid, Agroforestry, Pruning, Grafting, City & Guilds in Electrical Engineering, VQs in Training,and  Assessment.

Skills, technical expertise and areas of interest: 

Particularly strong on Forest Gardens and Agroforestry, Food Preservation, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Transport, Building Construction & Maintenance, Money systems and alternatives, building personal assets.  Has mentored over a thousand early stage and start-up businesses.  Garden Cottage gets a thousand visitors a year (by appointment only, please!) wghen times allow...

Areas of Permaculture Design Experience: 

Large scale regional designs for energy and transport systems.  Designs for agroforestry down to forest garden scale systems.  Mostly interested in teaching others design skills to enable self-empowerment.  Has co-created a charity (Abundant Borders) to work with people experiencing food poverty and encourage local food production through Community Development.  Currently working with Dr Elaine Ingham's Soil Food Web designing online courses around Permaculture.

Teaching Information
Offering teaching in the following geographical areas
World wide. Times and dates by arrangement.

Please contact me for details.

[email protected] (e-mail is best in the first instance).