Kosterhelena - Educator Profile


I took my pdc in 1991 with Tony Andersen and Jesper Saxgren in Kolding, Denmark. One year later me, my husband and small baby travelled to Australia, Chrystal Waters and joined an Advanced course with Max Lindegger 1992. In Sweden we established the Swedish permaculture association during those years and we invited David Holmgren in 1993 to do an Advance design course with us.

1993 we bought a piece of land on an island on the Swedish west coast, Koster, where we since then are living and have developed a permaculture projects with many different themes; garden agriculture, small scale food and bakery, social permaculture etc. I did my diploma studies during the first establishing years here and was diplomated in 1998 by Tony Andersen, my themes in the Diploma were; community development and site development.
Our permaculture project has a visitors garden, greenhouses, garden shop, animals such as hens, bees and sheep. We also have a garden restaurant and a handicraft bakery. All things on the site is handicrafted with the aim to be an example of a future garden agriculture. We have created a cooperative together with the staff which now has taken over the restaurant and bakery. Also the cooperative has the vision to work with and relate to permaculture etics and principles.

On the venue we do give and host courses in permaculture, gardening, outdoor environmental education, nature connection, transition, inner transition, baking and cooking etc. Since 2003 I am yearly working with two permaculture women from Norway; Frederica Miller and Marianne Leisner (both part of Gaia Norway) giving pdc courses which are organized over a period of 1,5 years. The learning path in our courses enables the student to work with his/her own project. And we are extremely happy and satisfied over the fantastic results these courses have. The students are able to be lead through a change of pathway and receive skills (through us and all other students) to carry on in a strange and chaotic world.

I have during the past years followed Looby Macnamara and Peter Cows Course on Facilitation Training and am now eagerly working to introduce social permaculture, Cultural Emergence etc into the Swedish permaculture and transition world. We are hosting courses given by Looby and Peter as well as others.

My nest steps are to broaden our project´s influence here on the island to use our farm and venue as a motor for a more sustainable life here.

I have a scientific background as an agronomist (MSc 1989) whith the experience of some work in third world and with local development in the rural areas of Sweden.

Qualifications and skills

PDC in 1991
Advanced courses 1992 & 1993
Diploma in 1998
Facilitation Training with Looby Macnamara 2016-2018
Agronomist 1989
Permaculture teacher since 1993

Skills, technical expertise and areas of interest: 

Workshops with practical roots on gardening, permaculture, compost, soil making on social issues and cultural shifts, preservation of fruits and vegetables.
Lectures on sustainability, permaculture, food

Areas of Permaculture Design Experience: 

Landbased permaculture design work, small scale farms
Garden designs
Social designing using mainly Design Web

Teaching Information
I teach at weekends.I teach in the evenings.I can accommodate families.I can accommodate partners.I can accommodate students.

Please contact me for details.

Helena von Bothmer, [email protected], tel 0046 (0) 70 256 3401 Facebook Helena von Bothmer and @kosterstradgardar Instagram @kosterstradgardar