Who can award our Permaculture Design Course certificates?

Certifying Teachers Register

What is the Certifying Teachers Register (CTR)?

The CTR is an international list of teachers who are able to certify their PDCs using the Permaculture Association official PDC certificate. The list is overseen by the Education Working Group, and used by the Permaculture Association to respond to requests for Permaculture Association PDC certificates. The registration is currently a free service to members of the Permaculture Association.

Teachers: please read the details and use the CTR forms at the bottom of this page to apply.

Be Registered and an Educator Member

You can also join our new Educator Members Network, lauched in 2017.  Click here for our Registered Educator member listings.

The following teachers are members of the Certifying Teachers Register. They have been authorised to issue the Permaculture Association's Permaculture Design Course (PDC) certificates. Details of the policy follow the list.

  • Caroline Aitken
  • Lusi Alderslowe
  • Chloe Anthony
  • Ludwig Appeltans
  • Aranya
  • Joe Atkinson
  • Graham Bell
  • Gabrielle Buist
  • Graham Burnett
  • Suzie Cahn
  • James Chapman 
  • Steve Charter 
  • Neils Corfield
  • Ruth Cory
  • Peter Cow
  • George Christofis
  • Ras John Cresswell 
  • Alfred Decker
  • Cathrine Dolleris 
  • Chris Evans
  • Rod Everett
  • Heather Jo Flores
  • Klaudia van Gool
  • Andy Goldring
  • Joshua Gomez
  • Ezio Gori
  • Alice Gray
  • Kate Hamilton
  • Jo Holleran
  • Paul Jennings
  • Steve Jones 
  • Looby Macnamara
  • Ben Margolis 
  • Hannah Mole
  • Karen Noon
  • Paul Paine
  • Davie Phillip
  • Helen Pitel
  • Angie Polkey
  • Tomas Remiarz
  • Wilf Richards 
  • Rakesh "Rootsman Rak"
  • Laura Smith 
  • George Sobol
  • Delvin Solkinson
  • Jacob Evans, Asociacion Permacultura en Suryalila 
  • Mich Thill
  • Ed Tyler
  • Pedro Valdoleiros
  • Richard Webb
  • Ben Whelan
  • Helen White
  • Witchhazel Wildwood
  • Samantha Woods


Permaculture Design Course Certificates Policy
Permaculture Association Permaculture Design Course (PDC) certificates are only given out by the Association to people on the Permaculture Association Certifying Teacher’s Register (CTR). 

Why have a policy?

This policy has been created to meet the need of ensuring that teachers offering Permaculture Association (PA) certified Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) courses have the experience required to deliver the courses effectively.

Policy formation history
This policy was developed in 2013 and 2014, then sent out for consultation to teachers and the Permaculture Association Board of Trustees in 2014. In 2015 it was extensively updated following the comments received. 

How can a teacher get onto the Certifying Teachers Register?

THis is a service for our members, so firstly become a member of the Permaculture Association if you are not already. Consider joining the enhanced membership for teachers, with specialist support, an education portal and regular online discussions - our NEW Educators' Membership.

There are two ways to get onto the CTR. 'Existing PDC' teacher criteria has now ended.

All applicants must apply as either 'certified' or 'practitioner': 

Certified Route:

Meet one from Column A

And one from Column B
Membership of the Permaculture Association
Have a PDC and Permaculture Diploma from a Diploma system recognised by the Permaculture Association Diploma Working Group Have a teaching qualification such as Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS, AET) or similar
Highly recommended: to have done a Permaculture teacher training course


Practitioners Route:

Essential: Meet one from Column A

Meet one from Column B
Membership of the Permaculture Association
You must be an existing PDC graduate
Have a teaching qualification such as Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS , AET) or similar You are responsible for a LAND centre
Or have taught at some level on at least 5 PDCs Or have been responsible for a substantive permaculture project for a period of at least 2 years and have undergone an assessment equivalent to that for a LAND centre
Highly recommended: to have done a Permaculture teacher training course


Ongoing requirements:
To stay on the CTR, teachers need to:

  • Be a member of the Permaculture Association
  • Have filled out and submitted the most recent PDC Core Curriculum Checklist in respect of their PDC's content (the checklist will be updated annually or longer, in response to discussions with teachers and others)

How to apply?:
Please complete 2 forms below:

1. the Teacher's core curriculum checklist

2. the Application form

3. PLUS, send a copy of your PDC timetable

to [email protected]. The application form is saved in 2 formats - only complete one. 

PDF icon pdf.core_curriculum-teachers_check_list_v2_march2018.pdfFile ctr_application_form-checklist.odtMicrosoft Office document icon ctr_application_form_-_checklist_2march2018.doc