Social Permaculture - Nature Connection and Building the Village

Advanced Design Skills
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Design for more connection in your life and community
What if everyone in your village or community knew themselves deeply, and understood how to bring their gifts and genius to the world for the benefit of all. What if everyone was supporting each other to do that, to be their fullest selves?

What would that feel like?

What would it be like for our children, growing up in a village like that...

Social permaculture shares tools, practices and design for effective, connected communities and individuals. It draws on many sources, gathering and sharing good practices, and empowering people to create their own bespoke solutions.

It uses the principles we observe in nature and that can be seen in long-term, earth-connected cultures around the world to grow more wholeness in ourselves and to strengthen our communities.

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Terra Alta
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[email protected]
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Peter Cow
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17 September 201823 September 2018
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